Valvitalia Control Valves Division

VALVITALIA CONTROL VALVES DIVISION (CVD) is the division of the Valvitalia Group created in 2004 with the aim of broadening the range of products offered to the market with specific solutions in the field of fluids control.

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CVD specialises in designing and supplying a wide and complete range of control valves that includes both linear globe, in-line and corner valves, rotary balls and butterfly valves. 
The main focus is placed on the Oil & Gas, Power and Chemical industry and special attention is also paid to important sectors like Fertilizers & Urea, Oxygen, Turbine By-pass and Steam Reduction systems. 

For each type of valve, we have a range of standard products and, for particularly difficult services or at the special request of the client, we can provide dedicated technical solutions without any limitation in terms of size and pressure class.

In developing the project, not only are the mechanical requirements taken into account, indispensable in order to ensure the containment of the pressures, but also all those aspects of fluid dynamics required to obtain the best possible performance and guarantee a highly reliable product.  
Anti-Cavitation design and Low Noise configurations are additional technical solutions that complete our range.

We have gained significant experience over the years, including with the materials used: depending on the service, it is possible to provide carbon steel, alloy steel for low and high temperature, stainless steel, duplex, superduplex, Inconel, NAB, Titanium… 

Production takes place in the factories in Rivanazzano (PV) and Due Carrare (PD).

At the request of the client, the standard products of the VALVITALIA CONTROL VALVES DIVISION can also be produced in our factory in China.