Distinctive abilities

Passion, commitment, dedication, ability, initiative, loyalty, respect, honesty and friendship: these attributes characterise and distinguish us and allow us to tackle the challenges that we are called upon to deal with every day.

We are unique in the world for the variety of products and high quality services that we can provide, for applications for the energy, marine and civil markets. The synergies between the businesses that make up our Group and the high level of expertise and knowledge in engineering, production and quality enable us to adopt specific solutions aimed at meeting the clients' request to the maximum.

The definition of the best design, the selection of the materials and the most suitable suppliers for their production, the adoption of the most effective methods and processes of control, verification and testing during the product manufacturing stages are our main strengths. 
The management and control of quality are assigned to a team of professionals who coordinate and monitor the activities, aided by the most innovative and suitable means and tools. 

The collaboration with our clients also continues after the products have been supplied through an after sales assistance network made up of highly qualified technicians that guarantees immediate responses and actions in any region of the world.