Quality and Innovation

Quality and innovation are the distinctive features of our philosophy.

The quality of our products is fundamental for the safety of those who use them in the plants; their reliability guarantees the maintenance of the expected specifications over time. 

We always pay close attention to the continuous technological evolutions offered by the market and the current regulations, as well as to the choice of the best engineering solutions, the most suitable raw materials and the careful selection of the best suppliers since everything contributes to the desired results, in terms of effectiveness and efficiency, and always with the greatest respect for safeguarding the environment that surrounds us.

We adopt cutting-edge tools and methods to check materials, components and finished products. Laboratory tests, new non-destructive investigation techniques, dimensional verification systems with three-dimensional measuring machines, systems for tests under pressure with various types of gas and mixtures, low temperature tests (down to cryogenic temperature, -196°C) or tests at high temperatures, fire resistance tests: these are just some examples of how much we invest in our processes every day.