Valvitalia Automation Division

Established in 2004, the VALVITALIA AUTOMATION DIVISION is now able to offer clients a wide range of actuators and control systems for valves; not only a complete range of standard products but also solutions specifically adapted to requirements.

Valvitalia Automation Division

The offer features actuators that cover all the various types of power (pneumatic, hydraulic, gas over oil, direct gas, electricity etc.). Tested for operating in temperature ranges that can vary from -60[°C] up to +85[°C] and capable of delivering torques of up to 500,000[Nm] – quarter-turn actuators, or pressures up to 1,000,000[N] – rising stem actuators.

The actuators can be provided complete with the respective control systems, hydraulic units, high security systems for plant protection (HIPPS), fire prevention protections and accessories, in order to meet all technical requirements, including through specific designs for various applications. 

Completing the offer are the Masterstation systems, able to control, monitor and operate up to 240 electrical actuators on critical installations. The Masterstations make available all the information concerning the actuators to the plant control systems (SCADA/DCS). 

The actuators are designed and manufactured in the Rivanazzano Terme factory, which has testing areas, test benches, climatic cells for temperature tests and every other type of equipment required to guarantee the highest degree of reliability in the manufacture of the product.

At the request of the client, the standard products of the VALVITALIA AUTOMATION DIVISION can also be produced in our factory in China.