Respect for the environment has been a constant feature for many years in Valvitalia’s operational approach and in the company’s very culture.

There is a strong correlation between environmental issues and those concerning the conditions in which the working activity is conducted.  

For us, respect for the environment is fundamental and its protection is the determining factor in our activities.

The approach that ensures the best results in the field of environmental protection, as well as health and safety at work, is linked to the definition of managerial methods that involve the entire corporate structure.  

The succession of specific regulations for the protection of the environment and the safety of workers have suggested the need to do something more than simply comply with the law.

This course was first undertaken some years ago and combines respect for the law with the search for technical and managerial solutions that enable us to go beyond the regulatory constraints and translate the commitment to respecting the environment, health and safety into concrete actions.

Important tools were the adoption in the Group’s factories of a UNI EN ISO 14001:2015 certified Environmental Management System, which lays down the application of suitable procedures and conduct, formalised in an environmental management manual that every operator is responsible for diligently implementing.   
We have been engaged in this project for more than ten years through the adoption of a series of procedures aimed at respecting the environment in which we live and operate and at ensuring the safety of the production processes and our people.  

Each operating company reflects the Group’s attitude based on the principles of pursuing the dependability of the results over time and the satisfaction of all the key stakeholders.
In order to create greater value in the future, the search must continue for improved ecological solutions and a model of governance must be established that makes sustainability a fundamental asset for development. 

Our environmental protection system is the outcome of the experience gained over time and the result of substantial investments in research and development.
The awareness that every production activity can have a significant impact on the environment drives us to act carefully and responsibly.