About us

BROADY FLOW CONTROL LIMITED is the result of the entrepreneurial spirit of William Broady, a copper merchant in Kingston upon Hull in 1902. In the early days, most of the turnover came from deals undertaken with the owners of fishing boats in the area and, even though the local economy had begun to stagnate, BROADY’S business continued to prosper.

In the early thirties, the Company began to produce a range of valves and taps, including reducing valves for large boilers. This new activity, for which BROADY immediately became well known, led to the creation of a new production line specifically intended for reducing and safety valves: today’s core business!

As well as offering a vast range of high-quality products like Vent Valves, Safety Valves, Pressure Reducing Valves, Pilot Operated Safety Relief Valves, Sustaining Valves and Gas Blanketing Valves, Broady became the absolute benchmark in the production of valves intended for the navy and submarine market. Since 1938, it has supplied its products to the British Royal Navy, to which, over the years, many other navies from all over the world have been added.

In 2010, the Valvitalia Group acquired BROADY FLOW CONTROL LIMITED with the aim of completing its already vast product range. From that day, BROADY has followed a path of continuous growth through its global presence that enables before and after sales services to be delivered locally to clients all over the world, and through a financial stability that enables resources to be earmarked every year for research and development activities, in addition to the modernisation of technologies and machinery.

During more than 100 years of passion, experience and growth, always aimed at offering the utmost degree of quality and reliability of its products, BROADY has developed complete in-house expertise and created a production factory unique of its kind that has made it one of the global leaders in the sector. Currently, it has facilities for the creation of the models, a foundry, plants for processing, assembling and testing the components and avant-garde information technology. All under the firm control of a strict quality management system.

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