Supplier quality

We are aware and convinced of the fact that our company and our suppliers are interdependent and that a relationship of reciprocal benefit improves the capacity of both to create value.

The quality of our product begins with the suppliers, so they are an integral part of our system.
For this reason, the relationship is based on reciprocal collaboration, a shared vision, the interaction of the processes and the technologies and the exchange of knowledge and information.
That’s why we like to speak of partners, rather than suppliers, with whom we establish long term relationships.

We adopt a precise, wide-ranging procedure for the initial assessment and selection of our suppliers because we want to ensure that we "bring on board” appropriately structured, organised and qualified partners able to meet our requests and needs and that operate in compliance with the safety and environmental protection requirements.

Their performance is constantly monitored so that we can intervene, where necessary, and take the agreed corrective actions or make improvements that pursue the objectives of a supply chain that focuses on excellence in terms of reliability, quality and service.