About us

SILVANI, established in 1938, is one of the leading companies in the field of safety and protection against fire and has been part of the Valvitalia Group SPA since 2014. SILVANI has accrued a vast experience during more than 75 years of operation throughout the world, acting as a systems integrator, providing its clients with access to a wide portfolio of products through a single point of contact and offering engineered solutions.

SILVANI is able to offer a wide variety of materials and services, ranging from mobile equipment to complex fixed systems; from planning and design to on-site construction, from production to customer assistance in maintenance, repair and updating. SILVANI has protected the on-shore and off-shore systems of many chemical, petrochemical and energy production companies, as well as a large number of oil platforms, ports and airports. 
Its presence in the civil and military sectors is well established.

Over many years, SILVANI has acquired and demonstrated comprehensive and extensive engineering expertise combined with project management capacity, especially in the complex sectors in which SILVANI excels in quality and efficiency standards:

  • Oil & Gas
  • Power and Nuclear Plants
  • Industrial and Civil facilities
  • Tank Farm protection
  • Off‐shore platforms
  • Navy, Shipbuilding and FPSO
  • Railways

SILVANI is committed to supplying its clients with complete engineering solutions, helping them all the way from the development stage to the after-sales assistance.