Assessment and Monitoring

We conduct the planned management of monitoring, measuring and analysis with the aim of obtaining precise indications on the compliance of our products and services, our processes and our system, constantly seeking to make improvements in terms of quality and efficiency.

The indictors used to measure quality and performance are, in turn, subject to periodic assessment in order to ensure that they are the most advantageous and significant possible with reference to the results obtained, regardless of internal changes in our organisation, the market, the requirements sought and the context in which we operate.

The indicators make it possible to conduct analyses on the short, medium and long term, so that the consequent operational and strategic decisions can be based on an absolutely complete vision.

The results that emerge from this monitoring are brought to the attention of the Top Management, which, after assessing the results and comparing them with the forecasts and plans, establishes the programmes for any improvement actions to be taken and sets new objectives.