Our commitment to social sustainability continues to grow, based on the knowledge that economic growth, environmental protection and social progress are complementary and interdependent.

We have pursued the consolidation of numerous results in line with the established objectives and distributed among certain lines of focus, such as:

  • the scrupulous selection of contractors, for which commitments and guarantees are required that the policies on health, safety and the environment will be respected;
  • the training and information actions undertaken at all the Group’s factories for the purpose of involving the corporate organisation in the implementation of the current environmental policies;
  • the updating and strict application of the industry regulations, in terms of the effectiveness and reliability of the compliance with the applicable legislation, the reference standards and the corporate requirements;
  • the efficient use of the natural resources and the reduction of the environmental impact;
  • the monitoring and analysis of the management system results.

For us, respect for the environment is, therefore, an essential value and our commitment to it is manifest in the constant implementation of interventions with low environmental impact, limiting the consumption of natural materials for the creation of the products and a significant decrease in the production of emissions and waste. 

All this arises from the firm condition that economic link is closely bound to the concept of social sustainability, seen as a process that contributes to growth but, at the same time, to the preservation of the environment for future generations.


Click here to download the Integrated HSE, Sustainability & CSR Policy.