Customer satisfaction

We believe it is of the utmost importance that the needs and expectations of clients are systematically defined and translated into prerequisites that are fully met, through the correct application of the Quality Management System in order to always ensure the highest degree of satisfaction.

Right from the offer stage, we establish the most effective communication possible with our clients and that enables us to determine the prerequisites and then translate them into the design and creation of products and services. 

We see the management of an order like a journey to be taken alongside our client, who is kept constantly involved and informed about progresses and developments, from the initial stages to the delivery of the products and after sales activities. 

Along this journey, we have defined a series of indicators, performance ratings of the efficiency and effectiveness of the processes that naturally translate into the degree of client satisfaction.

Quality, safety, reliability and functionality of the products are also systematically assessed by monitoring the feedback from our clients, which we conduct through dedicated meetings, visits and interventions at the sites of installation and use, and by compiling questionnaires provided ad hoc.
The data gathered are systematically analysed and assessed for the purpose of identifying any areas for further improvement, always from the perspective of pursuing constant and continuous improvement in quality.

Because, for us, a satisfied client is the most important recognition.