Research and Development

“Together” is our favourite word
Every day, our efforts are poured into responding in the best possible ways to the needs of all our clients. Today’s needs, and those of tomorrow. Every year, Valvitalia earmarks part of its turnover for research and development aimed at developing techniques, processes and the use of materials that can meet the current requirements of the market, or those likely to arise, always with a watchful eye on the economic efficiency of production. 

Actions speak louder than words
For us, it is important that words are followed by actions. To ensure promises are kept.

Every year, we are involved in countless projects. Every project has its own story and every story its own setting: from a gas pipeline in the desert to a platform in the middle of the sea. As a result, there is great variability in the products made to the specific orders of individual clients. Turning this variability from a potential problem into a great opportunity is our mission. Every product is specifically developed to the client’s specifications and specially designed for the place and methods of installation. For this reason, with our specific knowledge of our products, we work alongside the client from the early design stages, when the product specifications are agreed. We have provided supplies for practically all types of application in all kinds of condition and we are now putting this know-how at the disposal of clients who wish to consult us in the engineering stage of the project. Many of the engineering solutions now available are the outcome of studies specifically intended to meet the agreed requirements in this context.

R&D by project 
It follows that the need may emerge to develop entirely new dedicated solutions for individual projects that are different to what has been used until then.
This is why we design product prototypes and then submit them to strict and uncompromising quality tests and trials, in addition to the controls and tests that are carried out on the entire production. 
Valvitalia’s Fire Fighting Division is at the cutting edge at the global level, able to carry out in-house strict tests of fire extinguishing in the Naval, Rail and Oil & Gas field, both through the Testing Area in Castel San Giovanni and in the various test rooms at the Ancona production site.  

We start early
For years, Valvitalia has worked alongside Milan Polytechnic and the faculty of Engineering at Pavia University in the development of awareness and skills in the Engineers of tomorrow. We make our personnel and premises available to Universities to enable a bond to be formed with the world of industry. We are also keen listeners to any suggestions from the academic world and we are ready to “welcome aboard” human resources who excel in this period of training.