We work alongside our clients a long time before the product is even installed. And we remain with them, always.

Each one of our products is different from the others, which is why the early stages of design are fundamental, since that is when the product specifications and the prerequisites that must be respected are agreed. The stages after installation are just as important, however. 
There can be many reasons for a client to need assistance with an installed product: a small modification required along the way compared to the original product, operations needs, a particularly destructive meteorological event.   
This is why we guarantee to be there for our clients’ every need, always, everywhere.  

To best keep our promise, we are organised on the basis of a model that enables widespread coverage but with central coordination to always ensure the smoothest operation:

  • THE HEADQUARTERS: any requirement for intervention is received and processed by the Headquarters in Rivanazzano Terme, Italy, which coordinates all the process stages.
  • WIDESPREAD PHYSICAL NETWORK: we have factories and service centres located in all the world's strategic areas, from China to Canada, to ensure prompt assistance and the constant availability of personnel, tools and spare parts.
  • FIRST RESPONSE TEAM we always have a team of specialists standing by, able to reach any part of the world within 24 hours.

All this is carried out from the perspective of offering the best assistance to the Clients so that they:

  • enjoy continuity in liaising with the company (a single point of contact);
  • ensure optimised costs by means of professional planning that respects the procedures and deadlines;
  • receive rapid and expert assistance.

In addition, Valvitalia Fire Fighting Division offers a complete service of scheduled preventive maintenance that extends to the definition of the type of maintenance required, the scheduling of on-site technical assistance through an actions calendar, the coordination of the global management of the monitoring process and any repairs. 

This maintenance service offered by the Valvitalia Fire Fighting Division enables the Client to:

  • reduce coordination costs;
  • maintain an accurate record of the interventions;
  • eliminate the need to store spare parts;
  • plan the costs;
  • optimise the operation of the plant;
  • protect their investment.