Positions available

A blank sheet of paper is the greatest opportunity for a writer. For us, so are young graduates who, strong in the knowledge acquired during years of studying, come to the world of work driven by a great desire to learn and grow. Valvitalia is the perfect company to “jump aboard" on leaving university and pursue a varied and international pathway of growth, personal and professional.

Mainly, we seek dynamic new graduates in Mechanical, Management, Electrical or Electronic Engineering who are interested in gaining skills in the field of valves and the other products offered by the Group. We like bold, strongly motivated people because every product we make is different from the others and every project is a wonderful challenge.

In 2002, when the Company was founded, a significant concentration of consolidated and varied experience was brought together in a single organisation. Various historic operators in the sector merged and gave rise to a single large Group, steered by a professional who, at that time, had been operating in the sector for more than 25 years: Salvatore Ruggeri, holder of the Order of Merit for Labour.

For us, harvesting and pooling the experience of others is a core value that allows us to develop new solutions for the changing and varied needs of the market. So we are looking for people who want to share their wealth of knowledge of the market and the product. The main product families in our commercial offer are: valves, actuators, fittings, flanges, isolation joints, traps, filtering stations, heating, the regulation and measurement of fluids and gas, and fire-fighting systems for the energy, marine and civil sectors.