Castel San Giovanni, October 12th 2016 – Today, in presence of many clients, authorities and citizens, took place the inaugural ceremony of the new Valvitalia Group’s fire fighting testing area.

Valvitalia Group, one of the most important players worldwide for the manufacturing of valves and many other products intended for the energy industry, in 2014 and 2015, has acquired two important companies specialized in fire fighting. Silvani who had been for many years part of an American Group and Eusebi. Valvitalia, which is very proud for having brought back 100% Silvani in Italy, has become the Italian landmark in the world for the fire fighting needs.

The Group’s Firefighting division manufactures and sells products intended for the detection and extinguishing of fires in the energy, marine and civil industries and, the new fire fighting testing area, which allows to test products launching liquids up to 170 meters and to manage water supply until 40.000 litres per minute, is one of the first three areas in the world for flow rate and potential.

The launching of this facility is an important achievement and is the proof of the will and the ability of the Group to invest even in a period characterised by an unfavourable economic situation like the present one.

The facility, which reflects the propensity of the Group to the research and development, key feature for the success and the growth achieved during the years, will also have an important social purpose: it will be made available for the italian Fire Brigade, Civil Defence and all the other government entities upon request, for their own testing requirements.

Valvitalia, founded in 2002 by Salvatore Ruggeri and his sons Max and Luca, majority shareholders through the family Holding Company Finvalv and at the head of the Group, and invested by Fondo Strategico Italiano, now CDP Equity, is the italian leader in flow control equipment, systems for the energy industry and, one more time, fire fighting systems.

Valvitalia Group employs 1400 people spread over 10 manufacturing plants (7 of which are in Italy) an 8 representative offices worldwide. In 2015 Valvitalia Group has generated revenues for 455 million euros, exporting its products in 107 countries worldwide.


Marica Gentile

Marketing & Public Relations Manager-Valvitalia S.p.A.

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