• Because the customer is our main asset that always pushes us to improve
  • Because we want to commit ourselves to meeting customer expectations by guaranteeing the right quality and compliance with contracts
  • Because we want to become the reference partner of our customers by solving their most important problems, exceeding the expectations on products, engineering, services and after-sales


  • Because we want to aim for exceptional results
  • Because we always want to aim for the best, without ever being satisfied, in everything we do
  • Because we must produce maximum value with minimum resources by acting on processes, tools, products, customers and suppliers
  • Because it is essential to think about and introduce innovative solutions and approaches to products and processes
  • To stimulate the need to be curious and always want to learn
  • Because not setting limits allows continuous improvement


  • Because it is essential to always look for new solutions and take action to make them happen
  • Because we want to face even the most difficult problems, solving them, considering the related risks
  • Take decisions based on facts, sharing what is needed
  • We must learn to list and consider the risks of a decision by evaluating their medium-long term impacts
  • Because we believe in innovation as a means to continue and last over time


Because all our actions and behaviors must ensure:

  • Respect for our commitments
  • Respect and value of others, of ideas and of all diversities
  • Respect for things, environment, nature and our communities
  • But also to be honest with yourself and with others
  • Because it is the founding value for lasting relationships and more effective collaboration


  • Because we want to promote teamwork, cooperation with colleagues and listening to others' ideas
  • Because we believe and want to value everyone's contribution also with the aim of reaching a higher shared goal
  • To evolve groups to achieve widespread trust
  • Because teamwork amplifies individual skills


  • Positive attitude: to create a favorable work environment that stimulates creativity and innovation to face even the most difficult challenges. Have a constructive approach in every project that stimulates collaboration to find successful solutions.
  • Improvement: constantly questioning, every day, the way things are done, processes, tools, results, your own way of acting and thinking. Trust that we can always do better.
  • Inclusive leadership: the combination of a variety of transversal skills with particular orientation to teamwork and growth of resources. This is the main skill that managers must have and that they must carry throughout the company starting from their teams.
  • Critical thinking: involves the use of logic and reason to identify a problem and find a series of solutions to solve it. Critical thinking is a requirement for our company and a series of constructive attitudes must be adopted in order to understand our strengths so that they can be used to the fullest for a continuous improvement
  • Sense of responsibility: identify and complete all the necessary actions to be able to manage and keep the promises that we have made, possibly exceed them.