Valvitalia Group Recognized by Bechtel as Top Supplier

October 3rd, Reston, VA, USA

Valvitalia Group, worldwide leading manufacturer of valves and other equipment intended for the Energy, Marine and Civil industries, was recognized as a top supplier by Bechtel at the company’s annual Supply Chain Awards for exceptional work on projects for Bechtel’s Oil, Gas & Chemicals global business unit.

Companies were evaluated on multiple factors including: overall performance, ability to deliver quality supplies on time, ability to work collaboratively to meet milestones, and meeting or exceeding project expectations in aspects of safety, performance, technical expertise, and environmental compliance. Nominations were reviewed and approved by Bechtel procurement and project managers with final approval from senior leadership.

“We are honored to have been named as Top Supplier at this year’s Annual Supply Chain Awards with Bechtel Corporation,” said Max Ruggeri, General Manager of Valvitalia Group. “Thanks to everyone involved on BP GALEOTA EXPANSION PROJECT at Valvitalia, who made this award possible.”

“Valvitalia Group has been a vital partner to Bechtel, working with us to achieve outstanding results for our customers,” said Al Hankins, Corporate Manager Procurement & Contracts. “The performance of key suppliers continues to be critical to delivering superior service to our customers and advancing innovation for the industry.”



Valvitalia was founded in 2002 by Mr. Salvatore Ruggeri, who leads the Group as main shareholder and CEO, and its two sons Massimiliano and Luca, respectively Group General Manager and VP Business Development.

Today Valvitalia is the main Italian valves manufacturer and its products are installed in 109 Countries all over the world.

Marica Gentile

Marketing & Public Relations Manager-Valvitalia Group

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