VALVITALIA Group - High integrity pressure protection system (HIPPS)

The HIPPS is made of a combination of piping and instrumentation elements and provide the protection of the pipelines in case of high pressure inside the line.

The HIPPS system is made of: 

• two valves and the relevant actuators (pneumatic or hydraulic), whose function is the emergency closing within a specified timing 

• a logic solver, whose function is the detection of the high pressure in the pipeline and the consequent instruction of emergency closing to the set of valves and actuators 

• a set of three pressure transmitters whose function is the detection of high pressure of the pipeline. 

The safety function of the HIPPS system is guaranteed by the closing of the main line valves within a specified timing. The reference standard according to which the HIPPS system is engineered and certified are IEC 61508 and 61511 which states the parameters of the reliability of the whole system in case of demand.