VALVITALIA - Fsi Italian Strategic Fund


Sunday, 15th December 2013,  the Ruggeri Family has reached an agreement with FSI, Italian Strategic Fund, to invest in Valvitalia.

FSI will invest 151 million euros for 49,5% while the remaining 50,5% will remain within the Founder, Salvatore Ruggeri and his sons who will continue to manage the Company.

This investment will permit the Company to grow through acquisitions of niche manufacturers and will allow to expand the current product portfolio.


Founded in 2002, Valvitalia will generate in 2013 revenues in excess of 410 million euros with EBITDA of more than 70 million euros with a significant growth over 2012.

The Company produces almost entirely in Italy, employees more than 1000 people and export more than 90% of its sales in 104 countries.

Valvitalia is among the world’s leader in the production of flow control equipment for the oil & gas, power generation, naval and water desalination industries.


Marica Gentile

Marketing & Public Relation Manager Valvitalia S.p.A.

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