Valvitalia has always considered the ethical principles as fundamentally important for the management of its business and has constantly developed and updated the appropriate instruments of Corporate Governance; in particular, the Code of Ethics and the Organisation and Management Model in accordance with Legislative Decree 231/01.

The Group’s Code of Ethics incorporates the general principles of propriety, transparency and legality that inspire the conduct of its business; the adoption of the Code is intended to meet the needs and expectations of all Valvitalia’s internal and external interlocutors for the purpose of establishing a transparent business guided by ethical and behavioural standards, standing out for its characteristic excellence and reliability.  

All those who operate in Italy and abroad on behalf of the Valvitalia Group or who conduct business with it, each within the sphere of their functions and responsibilities, are called upon to respect the principles and instructions contained in the Code.  


With the adoption of the Model, the Company intends to faithfully fulfil the instructions of the Decree to improve and make the existing Internal Control and Corporate Governance Systems as efficient as possible. 

The main objective of the Model is to create an organic and structured system of principles and control procedures, designed to prevent, where possible and actually feasible, the commission of the offences laid down by the Decree. The Model will form the basis of the Company’s system of governance and will implement the process of dissemination of a business culture marked by propriety, transparency and legality.