Vision and Mission

Our first thought in the morning and our last thought at night is customer satisfaction, because passion is the driving force in everything we do.

We always seek to give our utmost with determination, simplicity, flexibility and transparency, turning that classic sense of Italian hospitality into the pleasure of meeting the needs and requests of our Clients.

We pursue innovation because we believe in the future and we remain at the cutting edge of technology because we want to be credible and reliable today, just as we were yesterday and will be tomorrow.

Our people, our greatest capital, enjoy an attractive, clean, bright and stimulating working environment so that they can transform the challenges of every day into marvellous opportunities for growth.

We conduct ourselves with integrity, in full compliance with the law and ethical principles. This is the Company’s culture and its application is constantly monitored.

We are deeply concerned about the protection of the environment and the wellbeing of the community and this is the reason we are committed to reducing the impact of the processes and facilities to a minimum, and why we support local initiatives wherever we operate.

We promise all our stakeholders top quality and we always hold ourselves to that: that’s why we keep our promise every time!

For all these reasons, Valvitalia means heart!