More about us

BROADY FLOW CONTROL LIMITED is recognised today for the high quality and reliability of its products, which are intended for a wide variety of applications: from commercial to the military and submarines. The main experiences gained in the commercial sphere range from Oil & Gas to Power Generation, chemicals and petrochemicals, from supplying the sector of water and waste, paper and cellulose to the production of specific components intended for fire fighting.

BROADY’s marine and safety valves can be supplied with standard specifications or specific tailor-made solutions can be designed, capable of responding to any requirement in a wide variety of materials: Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminium Bronze, Duplex and many others. BROADY’s foundry for non-ferrous materials can produce Class 1, 2 or 3 casts, mainly in Aluminium Bronze.

Broady’s Naval Division offers a vast service in the Naval Defence sector for both the supply and the repair of components. This takes place in an appropriate area inside the company dedicated to the service for the MOD "Ministry of Defence". Though our experience in supplying the Royal Navy with Type 45 Destroyers, Astute Class Submarines, “Auxiliary Oiler” supply ships, LPD “Landing Platform/Dock”, LPH “Landing Platform Helicopter” and other naval platforms currently in service around the world, we guarantee a service of the highest quality.

The foundry uses moulding and casting tools at the cutting edge in order to meet the highest and most stringent quality standards. All the tools used are certified and all the processes, including mechanical and chemical tests, are subject to strict control and are carried out in accordance with the best practices worldwide. For examples, Class 1 and 2 casts and subjected to radiographic controls conducted by inspectors.

The foundry can produce casts from a few grams up to more than 200 Kg. From a single piece to thousands.  Production handles a vast range of non-ferrous metals that meet all the necessary prerequisites and can be subjected to a series of non-destructive tests such as Dye Penetrant, Examination, Radiographic Examination, Ultrasonic Wall Thickness Checking and other specific tests requested from time to time by the clients. The metals available comply with the English, European, ASME and ANSI quality standards and include:

Gunmetal – Aluminium Bronze – Phosphor Bronze – Aluminium – Monel.

Thanks to the wealth of experience gained over the years, BROADY has also developed specific expertise with regard to casting that now enables it to offer high-integrity castings of greater complexity, in compliance with the most challenging specifications and weight restrictions in order to meet every request from new and existing clients.  

BROADY is today a highly efficient, flexible and client-oriented organisation. Renowned for innovation, quality, the reliability of its products, it stands ready to meet changing market needs. The company controls and guarantees all the processes, from drawing up the orders to delivering the product, through the adoption of a strict Quality Management System.

The management is supported by a highly-qualified workforce, trained in all the engineering disciplines and this organisation’s future as a going concern is assured by its shrewd policy of training young apprentices alongside expert operators who can pass on their enthusiasm and skills.

At the centre of BROADY's philosophy is the desire to strive for continuous improvement and for the complete satisfaction of the client. This is why a complex process of internal and external audits has been established to ensure the full compliance with the agreed guidelines and the proper application of the production phases aimed at satisfying the expectations of all clients through the products and services.